Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Om Swasti Astu

Bites Tale : I'm gaining more weight from all these trips! :) But i'm happy!

Om Swasti Astu!!

This is "Salam Jumpa" i.e. "Hi" in Balinese.

Bali is really a beautiful place.

And i am missing Bali now....

Didn't manage to visit all the places of interest... and we only passed by Ubud... didn't visit that place due to heavy rain.. must find another time to go back..

Will be blogging like usual soon...

Om Canti Canti Canti Om = "Salam Pisah" i.e. "Bye" for now...


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sting said...

oh you didn't get to visit Ubud? it's quite worth it.. :-) should go next time..

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