Thursday, April 17, 2008

Captain's Dinner @ Star Cruise Gemini

Bites Tale : The concert was really good last night. But, some didn't appreciate the performance. It's sad to see how some of the teenagers behave nowadays. They are so inconsiderate to others. When the concert is on-going, they never stopped talking and playing with their handphones, some even "tastefully" playing with the soft drink cans in their hand making noise. And when the concert ended and the lights are turned back on, it's heart breaking to heard them saying "Yay! at last finished already... can go home lor!". I just couldn't understand... 1 ticket for student costs RM30... if they are not fond of this kind of music... then why spent such $$$? RM30 is not cheap... why waste $$$ just like that? That is $$$ from the blood and sweat of your parents (Chinese saying). And if they really like talking so much... better use the $$$ to find a place to sit down, have a drink and chat / play with their handphones like no one business... why go to the concert and makes other audiences suffer? And how could they possibly ignored others who already asked them to be quiet? Sigh...

Coming out from Snake Temple, after lunch at the near by food court, we were sent to Prangin Mall for shopping. We didn't enjoyed shopping very much there, only my sis managed to buy a dress and the rest of us bought junk food ... hehehe.

We went back to the ship around 4pm and rested for 2 hours before getting ready for the biggest event on Star Cruise Gemini... that is Captain's Dinner i.e. where the guests can meet the Captain of the Cruise and have dinner together.

Pic : View from our table.. the Captain's table is in the middle of the restaurant

While you don't need to make any reservation for dinner at the 2 restaurant through out your journey with this cruise, but this is an event (with limited tables) so guests are required to make reservation to attend this dinner. The crew will announce where and when to make the reservation. And all guests are required to wear nicely... we saw lots of the "ang moh" wearing tuxedo... with bow tie.. really cute looking... so remember to bring at least 1 set of nice clothes with you!

And i must advised that, don't go into the restaurant before the Captain do. I regret that very much, because when you do, you'll miss the chance to snap pictures with the Captain. (And i thought being punctual is important). The Captain will take as much pictures as he could with the guests before he goes in. And 1 thing that i must mentioned here is, the crew will take pictures of you when you go down from the ship... Penang, Krabi, Phuket, Langkawi and of course before you board the ship in Port Klang... they will snap pictures of you during dinner, games, shows.. for you to purchase from them... of course, without any obligation.

Once the Captain sit down on his table... it's like you can't see him... especially when the crew is performing where all lights will be turned off. So, better wait for the Captain before you go in.

And we were arranged to sit near the window... hehehehe

The food is really delicious.... they really offer you a nice selection of food. You can choose your appetiser, soup, main course and dessert from the menu... there are 2 to 3 options in each category for you to choose except for the dessert. And not forgetting the bread basket.

These are what we had (I can't really remember the names):

Pic : Fresh from the oven bread

Pic : Appetizer - Duck Liver with Lychee and Apricot Jam

Pic : Appetizer - Prawn, Scallop and Vege Salad

Pic : Soup - Creamy & thick Spinach

Pic : Soup - Beef broth

Pic : Main Course - Grill Chicken

Pic : Main Course - Some vege blended and became mousse-like

And my favourite of all ....

Pic : Main Course - Steak

It was really a big piece.... i like it half done... hehehe... but i can't finish it... i was too full by then.

Pic : Look how juicy it is...

Pic : Dessert - Strawberry Mousse

Through out the dinner, you will be entertained by this band from Philippines... they are really good. I love his voice very much.

I am drooling while writing this, really miss the food on the ship... am going to save $$$ to go for another cruise next time... and i am thinking of taking their thailand, hanoi and hongkong package. But am really out of $$$ this year...

Pic : Corridor to the guest cabins


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Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...'s beef wellington. i've made it once when i got some liver pate. the beef looks like it's done just nice.*chomp chomp slurp slurp*

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