Friday, April 18, 2008

Krabi, Thailand

Bites Tale : Everyone i met asked me to go on diet. :( So fat meh?

We arrived Krabi at approximately 8 am on 27th February.

I think everyone was very excited to arrive in Thailand except for me.


Because it will be a wet landing... i.e. we will be transferred to the beach by boats and we were required to wear beach shoes.

Pic : Krabi - View from the restaurant where we are having breakfast

I am really scared of small boats now.... especially after the accident. And the boat they used to transfer us to the beach... is even scarier...

Pic : Local long tail boat... the boat used to transfer the guests

Doesn't look scary to you?

It is to me... damn scary...

Pic : Taken by my sis... i'm too panic at that time... water keep splashing to my face... was so near to the ocean.

I was feeling dizzy the whole morning... mum wanted me to go with them very much... she said it's a waste if i don't go down as we never visited Krabi before... i did joined them to Krabi... which she regretted it very much. I was so panic that she became scared too.

Pic : Ao Nang Beach

According to the Crew Director, there are lots to see in Krabi... Poda island (stunning beach, white coral sand), Ao Nang Town (where we will be transfered to), Krabi Town, Than Bokkharani National Park, Tham Phi Hue To (large cave with many grottos and prehistoric drawings of animals and people), Wat Tham Seua (Tiger Cave Temple) and Wat Klong Tom (Temple and Museum). But we only walked around at Ao Nang Town.... because of me. I was feeling stress due to the boat ride and was worried about the boat ride that we will be transfered back to the ship. So, i was not in a good mood to explore the whole Krabi.

Pic : Ao Nang Town

Pic : ATM Machine

Pic : Ao Nang Town

Pic : Leather Carving is nice

Pic : The famous "Tuk Tuk"

Pic : Toyota Altis as taxi

Pic : The stall where my sis bought alot

We ended up doing some shopping and then stopped by a restaurant to have tom yam soup and drinks. Then we headed back to the ship to have lunch. We only spent like 1 hour plus at Krabi.

Pic : The restaurant where we stopped by

Pic : Lime Juice - So refreshing

Pic : Tom Yam Gong

What a waste.... sigh...

Krabi really is a beautiful place.

Pic : Look how cheap massage is here.

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