Thursday, June 19, 2008

Anjappar - Authentic Chettinaad Restaurant

Update : Anjappar no longer operates in Asia City Complex and has moved to operate a stall at Grace Point, but their food also is not as nice as before.

Bites Tale : Thanks for all who are concerned, i'll try not to think so much..

I always appreciate good food.

That's the thing i will fall back to especially when i was feeling stressed or unhappy... or should i say... good food with good company is what i needed the most.

After the accident, i lost my appetite... i can't take my main meals... they are just tasteless and i turned to lots and lots of chocolates... chocolates have become my breakfast, lunch and dinner... i think they helped to ease my headache.

I'm glad that despite we are having some "conflicts" in our relationship, he came to look for me both nights... just to be there and talk to me... advised me not to think so much... He took me to this restaurant which we always wanted to go but just couldn't make it...

We didn't regret going there... everything's nice... the food, the service and even the friendly owner we met... We really enjoyed ourselves very much there...

These were what we ordered.. (sorry for the lousy pictures... i didn't bring camera with me):

Pic : Chettinad Lamb Soup @ RM5.00 - It's been really, really long time i haven't have such aromatic soup... gives me appetite..

Pic : Chicken 65 @ RM 4 - This is also yummilicious!!! A must try here!

Pic : Chili Lamb @ RM11... i could finish this with a bowl of rice...

Pic : My favourite for the night - Keema Naan @ RM 6 + Cheese Naan @ RM 4 in the basket, the red dish is the butter chicken @ RM6.50. The butter chicken gravy goes perfectly with the Naan... if you want something light, try plain Naan with butter chicken... it will be heavenly.

I've been telling my friends that i wanted to look for good food in KK, i wanted to find something different to try apart from going back to the same old choices everytime we go out...

I think Anjappar is the answer...

Can't wait to go there again...

(P/S : Don't forget to try their Mango Lassi @ RM5)

Anjappar - Authentic Chettinaad Restaurant
Lot G49, Ground Floor
Komplex Asia City
Asia City
Kota Kinabalu

Tel : 088-484969, 088-227969

Web :


Ratu Syura said...

I always remind myself to try this place whenever I come to KK but end up forgetting all the time. Now that I'm back in KK again, I'm not gonna forget again! Food looks good!

meatball online said...

u bet! the food is good.. go try!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

i like the ambience: very comfortable n food's okay too. hope u r feeling better now.

meatball online said...

thanks terri... i'm feeling better now... but seems like bad luck is still with me now.. but i'll be fine..

Life, Here & There said...

waaah!u make hungry de! oh my! my new office will be there oh!i can imagine me goin there every week..ahahahahaaa...its seems like so delicious... i want to gooo!!!

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