Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lunch @ Kedai Kopi Sin Nam Hong, Kudat

Bites Tale : I hope you could find someone you really trust to share with everything in your life.

The 1st thing we could think of is food when we came out from the Gong Making Village, so we stopped by at the nearest town of Kudat. This is not the main town, it's just some old shoplots near the town.

Pic : Kedai Kopi Sin Nam Hong

We were really hungry at that time and we could wait no longer for stuffing something in.. so instead of ordering some "freshly cooked" food.. we went to the stall outside the shop and get each of us these...

Pic : This is what i had...

Everything tasted so good (may be that is because we are hungry) ... felt like i want to try everything...

Pic : A variety of delicacies

As we still have along way to go, we continue our journey straight after lunch. Not even have time to walk around the town. This is the car we used for the whole journey... it's only 5 hours since we started our journey and it gets so dirty... wonder how it'd look like on the last day.

Pic : This is where the 6 of us spent most of our quality time in

Pic : This is how the shoplots look like.. (P/S : That's not the sun.. it's my camera flash..)

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