Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gong Making Village, Kudat

Bites Tale : I'm scared that i fell into the trap again. It's time to come out.

Continue from here, here & here.... (Yes, i know... it took me more than half a year to post this trip.. and i'm still not finish with the 1st day yet!)

Sumangkap Gong Making Village is our 3rd stop for our 1st day driving trip.

Since we arrived around noon time and most of the gong making masters were not back from church or lunch yet. We missed out on the gong making process, so i don't have much info on gong making. :(

So there'll be only photos...

Pic : Gong storage

Pic: This is how the village look like... all of the houses have gong making equipments

Pic : The cutest thing we saw there... this puppy will not wake up even if people kicks him. (We saw that!)

Pic : Another house which is used to store gongs

Pic : These are for sale... by a whole set

Pic : And these.... the tools for gong making

Pic : It's been raining on and off since we started our journey

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