Monday, January 18, 2010

No more messy handbags!

Do you know what is a bag organiser?

I love using a small bag whenever I'm not working. Due to work, I need a big bag carrying my 2 handphones, notebook, pens, calculator, name card holder, handphone battery charger, laptop battery charger, umbrella and etc.

I'm always frustrated with myself whenever I need to find something from my big handbag. And eventhough I have several bags to so-called intended to match with my outfits, but I'm always stucked with the same bag as it would be hell to change bags every alternate day or week.

Until I found this --- Bag Organiser from a seller at Low Yat Forum.

And now, my bag looks so tidy and the best part is, i can also keep the interior of the bag clean.

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maslight said...

OMG waw. neat. Erm, reminds me whenever I wanna get my handphone in my big bag urgh. It's like digging for gold.

meatball online said...

Mas, you get exactly what i felt. Everytime need to dig, dig & dig. Sometime just wish to dump everything. :P

Irene said...

a bag in a bigger bag. haha! but neat wor. how much is this miracle for ladies cost you?

meatball online said...

Irene, neat kan? i bought this at RM33 + RM 9 for Pos Laju.

I saw in KK a similar one around RM69 so i go online and search.


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