Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ice & Fire @ Lintas Plaza, KK

Bites Tale : They are selling Yam @ RM15 per Kg, so...o....o... expensive, and yet, so...o....o... hard to find. After 1 week + of looking for them, mum finally managed to get some and she told us :"I'm gonna make sure i am cooking the Yam Pork in good mood so that i won't spoil the cooking cos if anything went wrong, i need to look for Yam again." ------ Guess what? She bought 12kg of Yam. o_0

This is a nice place to meet up with friends after work.

Ice = Soft Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

Fire = Burger, Sandwich, Hot Snacks etc!

I like the Yam Soft Ice Cream.



Lintas Plaza
(Same row with Brass Monkey)


yapkv said...

Thou shalt not eat ice cream!!!

meatball online said...

Hehehe... i know i know, that one is mum's ice cream. :P

Clement said...

so the banana is ice or fire? kekeke

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