Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vanilla Pod Restaurant & Bar @ Mandai Orchid Garden, Singapore

Bites Tale : Did you enjoyed your Chinese New Year holiday? I missed mine... and no, that is not a typo error .... ya, i meant "missed"... wish there will be a holiday soon for me! And for now, i think i am going to "pamper" myself again with buying something i like! ;)

If you are looking for a nice place to dine in, this is a good choice.

Delightful ambiance + nice food, what else you'd ask for? You can even go for a walk at the garden after your meal. But we didn't as we had to rush to the airport.

Price is on the high side probably because i keep thinking of the conversion... *shy shy

Pic : The National Flower of Singapore

Pic : View from the restaurant

Here comes the food :

Pic : Starter - Cold Pasta

Pic : Oregano Bread

Pic : Mushroom Soup

Pic : Crab Cake

Pic : Hawaiian Pizza

Pic : Seafood Pasta

Pic : I forgot what is this... Lamb shank?

Pic : Lamb Rack

Lunch was good except that we have too little time to enjoy and didn't managed to visit the garden.

Will definitely visit this place again.

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