Friday, January 22, 2010

Sotong Kering @ Central Plaza, KK

I remember when I was younger, mum loves to eat this sotong kering from a stall near the cathay cinema (now it's called cathay cineplex). Not sure where is the stall now.

Then recently, a lot of people I know rave about this sotong kering. But I never have the chance to taste it because my office is very far from Central Plaza and the stall closed at 8pm.

We had the chance to pass by this place yesterday. So we went to buy some. They sell by RM2, RM5 and above. There are 2 types of sotong - Kering and Basah. But the famous one is the dry one. Thumbs up when eat with the peanut sauce that comes with your purchase.

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maslight said...

uwah sotong ketuk mmg best. But now expensive ;_;

Clement said...

is this the same specky "ko ko" who ride a bicycle stall at Kampung Air?

I missed him le... I'm so used to hang out there...

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