Friday, October 15, 2010

Grazie Ristorante Pizzeria Cafe, KK

I've heard so many people rave about the food here but I've never tried it myself and been looking for chances to go.

Went shopping for "home making project" and was craving for pizza, it was a raining that night and we couldn't find a parking space. I was going to change to another restaurant instead but I'm glad we tried again to look for a parking.

The food just didn't disappoint us... Like what our friends, sis ie @meitzeu, and the other bloggers have reviewed.. the food was fantastic. Bf love the chili oil that they served, he said it add "x factor" to the taste, and he loves how the chili oil accentuate the taste, giving it an extra oomph! Not that it is spicy, the chili oil is just mild spicy. 

I was not in a mood to eat meat that whole day so we ordered vegetarian pizza and bruchetta with tomatoes and cheese. Just nice for supper.

Love the pizza crust and the all the toppings. Will definitely go back for more!

How could i forget this? Their hot chocolate pudding is a must try!

Do visit their website :

P/S : Sorry for the bad quality of pic, now i am really envy of those who use Blackberry Bold 9700, their camera is just awesome... my Bold 9000 camera take lousy pic at night. :(

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