Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dumplings & Grills at Kedai Kopi New Mui Vui, Hilltop, KK

Lovin' the dumplings here!

I love how the skin is so thin and they are generous in giving the filling. Pork + Onion... Nice! This is where I love to have dumplings.

If dumplings are not your fave, you can try their grilled fish, beef, lamb and squid! They are nice too. Vege is ok.


But you can skip ordering their fried noodle / rice vermicelli, they are just not so nice. :P

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1 comment:

melmonica said...

Walauwei, all also look nice. If I go there, definitely will sapu all de hehe. Have a great weekend. Cheerios~

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