Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cube Restaurant, City Mall, KK

Update on 5 April 2011 : Cube has ended their business :(
I've only been here 3 or 4 times and I love how their maintain their food quality each time I visit.

Best of all, I look forward to go there if we are doing some small gathering or meet ups. Love the ambience and how we can spend quality time enjoying our dinner... then drink... then supper there.

The only thing is that I can't really find something to drink except wine but they only serve in bottles. So unless my friends are into the same wine, then we can order but I always end up with ordering some cocktails or warm water.

Let's see what do they serve here... prepare to feel hungry now. :P

Pic : Thai Style Seafood Roll @ RM14+ 

Pic : Cube Melon Soup @ RM18+ -- Can be shared by 5 - 6 persons 

Pic : All time favourite by Cube guests -- 5 Little Dishes @ RM18+ include Wasabi Wrapped Crispy Prawn, Kim Chi Roll, Jellyfish Salad with Thai Sauce, Salted Egg Cheese Roll and Fried Rice

 Pic : Prosperity @ RM17+ -- a Vegetarian dish

Pic: Beijing Pork Ribs @ RM25+ --- Sweet and tasty. Thumbs up!

 Pic : Soya Sauce Claypot Prawn -- This is not in the Menu, i forgot to check how much is this. But the taste was ichiban!

 Pic : Sweet Wine Lamp Chop @ RM22+ -- Love this very much, it can be a main course for 1 person.

 Pic : Sweetie Sesame Ball @ RM6+ for 2 balls. The signature dish here.

Meeting up with another friend next week, definitely will go again, love how they can give suggestion of specialty dishes to order (not in the menu) and make us enjoy our night out always.

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L said...

Great info. Happy new year to you and your readers! Fingers crossed for a prosperous 2011!

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