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A Day in The Life of Meatballonline -- Day 1

Bites Tale : Just finished 2nd Day of the Trip, enjoyed it so much. Exhausted for me because i seldom exercise. Time to pick up my lazy butt and do more exercise. :P
You must have known by now that I worked in an Inbound Travel Agency in KK. Some thought I am a Tour Guide but I'm actually not qualified as a Tour Guide. One need to be so knowledgeable to be able to become a Professional Tour Guide i.e. known as the Licensed Tour Guide. 

In normal days, I will just stay in the office doing paperworks - this could be replying emails (inquiries, bookings, and any other arrangement), planning for new tour itineraries for special groups which we called customised itinerary for groups such as Special Interest - Birding, Fishing, Photography etc, arrangement of tour for Students / corporate group and also smaller F.I.T. Groups where we arrange visits to some of the destination in Sabah for individual tourist and/or their families and friends. And of course, sometimes need to go out of the office for meetings / discussion and also inspection - hotels, restaurants and some Tourist destinations.

The lucky part of my job is I have the opportunity to sometime tag along the tour guides during their duties guiding the tourist. This is to improve the knowledge of how a Day Trip / Overnight Trip at certain places or destination being conducted. So that we can explain and advise our guests better when we received inquiries.

So in this post, I am going to show you how I will spend my time in a particular day. And of course this is the opportunity also to show you briefly some of the nice places in KK as well as what to eat and do.

Please bear in mind that this is actually an itinerary for a group, of guests who want to have nice food and at the same time get to visit to some of the destination / tourist spot for nature and photography.

This is how do I normally start my day - 1st stop would be going to office (breakfast, newspaper, clear some emails) before going to Kota Kinabalu International Airport to meet and greet our guests.

It was 1130hrs when we met our guests. So we went for early lunch at Restoran Seng Hing (Seng Hing Restaurant) and taste the famous Tuaran Noodle and Tom Yam Noodle.


Pic : Tom Yam Fish Noodle

Forgive me about this pic, i've forgotten to take the pic before eating. The normal Tom Yam noodle is served with Prawns but i don't eat too much prawn so i go for Tom Yam Fish Noodle

Pic : Seafood Tuaran Noodle

Another must try in Seng Hing Restaurant is the Tuaran Noodle, love the taste and how "QQ" the noodle is. I dislike noodle which is overcooked or too soft. After lunch, is when the Tour really commenced.

The following pictures were roughly an intro of what we did for the rest of the day. Details of each destination / stop will be post up soon by next week. This post will continue for 3 days as this time I get to follow the guests and Tour Guide for 3 days. Kekekeke... Lucky me. :)

 Pic : Souvenirs + Handicrafts at Filipino Market (Pusat Handicraft / Handicraft Centre Kota Kinabalu)

 Pic : Some local "keropok" for us to munch during our journey, we bought Kuih Cincin.

 Pic: First time touching a baby bamboo shark at The Green Connection

 Pic : On our way to Sabah Tea Plantation

Pic : My 1st time trying Sinalau Bakas

Sinalau Bakas is actually Roasted Wild Boar in the local native language. We get to try Sinalau Bakas while overlooking the beauty of the Crocker Range.

We reached Sabah Tea Plantation at 1900hrs, and it's dinner time. Will show you what we eat during dinner at a later post. We also get to try the famous Sabah Tea Pan Cake with Honey.   
Pic : Sabah Tea Pan Cake + Honey

Then, it was time to check into our rooms and it's bath time and sleeping time. 

Pic : Sabah Tea Cottage - The living room

Pic : Each cottage has 1 room - 1 Queen size bed + 1 Single bed.

Time to sleep and will post about Day 2 tomorrow. 


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