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A Day in The Life of Meatballonline -- Day 2

Bites Tale : Enjoyed the trip very much, lucky to have tagged along with the group. Everyone enjoyed the trip and they look forward to visit other destination such as Tip of Borneo, Klias Proboscis Monkey + Fireflies River Cruise and Tunku Abdul Rahman Parks Islands during their next trip here. They will miss KK so much and definitely will come back again for more.

We are supposed to meet at 0800hrs to go for breakfast. But everyone was up early to take pictures.  It was too dark to take picture of the cottage when we checked in the night before. This is how the cottage look like.

 Pic : Each cottage room has 1 living room and 1 bed room, as what you see here

 Pic : View from my room 

Since we got up earlier, we went to check out the long house at the Sabah Tea Plantation. Just less than 5 mins walk from the cottage. There are 2 long houses at the Plantation. 1 is the normal one as what you see at Rungus Long House, Kudat - But with better facilities and electricity supply. And the other 1 is with Batik roof.

  Pic : Longhouse view from the outside

 Pic : We love this Batik roof very much

Then we went back to the cottage, make sure our luggage were loaded into the van and drove out to the restaurant for breakfast.

 Pic : Nice view of Sabah Tea Plantation

  Pic : Our simple breakfast and we drank Sabah Tea.

After breakfast, we were invited to watch a video presenting the Sabah Tea Plantation history and introduction to have a better understanding of the place.

  Pic : This was shown in the restaurant after we have finished our breakfast.

Then we went to the Tea Factory to look at how Sabah Tea is made. A detailed post on the Factory tour will be posted soon. Do check out my blog. ;)

  Pic : The withering process

After we visited the Sabah Tea Factory, we departed from Sabah Tea Plantation and stopover at Kg. Luanti for the Fish Massage. I guess most of you know Fish Massage - where you can soak your feet for the tiny fishes to bite away your dead skin. But most of you do not know that the Fish Massage at Kg. Luanti is actually done by the fishes from the river, therefore the fishes are not tiny and some can be as big as the normal fish that you cook at home.
  Pic : See the black shadow? Yes, you are right. It's all fishes.

After the fish massage, we proceed to go to Poring Hot Spring to try the Canopy Walk and have lunch there. I didn't take picture during the canopy walk this time as i was too tired - due to lack of exercise :P But you can see the pic that my sis, Mei Tzeu took here.
  Pic : Visitor Centre at Poring Hot Spring

Then we enjoyed buffet lunch at the Rainforest Restaurant at Poring Hot Spring operated by Sutera Sanctuary Lodges. 

 After lunch, we continue our journey. But we saw this on the road :

And of course, we stopover just to see the Rafflesia. And we are not disappointed. It is considered lucky if you can see a Rafflesia blooming. So we are very lucky because this one is as big as a Car Tyre.
  Pic : This is just so beautiful. The one i saw previously at Poring Hot Spring was very small. Lucky me!

 And our next stop is at Kundasang War Memorial.


Kundasang War Memorial is a nice place to visit where we learn about the Death March and appreciate the history and sacrifice of the Australian and British Army.

Then it starts to rain when we proceed to Kinabalu Park. So we just stopover to visit the Exhibition hall.

  Pic : Entrance of Kinabalu Park

Then it was foggy way back to the City.

Then it was a short 1 hour shopping time at 1Borneo Hypermall. 

I have nothing to buy so i have my tea break at McDonald's

Before we end the night and check in at hotel, we went to Kampung Nelayan Floating Seafood Restaurant for dinner and cultural dance performance.

Pic : Cultural dance performance at Kg. Nelayan Seafood Restaurant 

 After dinner, i was so full and exhausted. It was a very good night sleep that night.
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